MITTELFEST 2022: “The Unexpected”

“Like playing cards that, face down, hide their secret, the unexpected is such only for us, surprised at its occurrence: yet, once it has arrived, it is possible to unravel the thread of its causes, to reconstruct its slow preparation over time. In the meantime, however, we are already grappling with its effects, with what new, for better or worse, it has left us.” 

Giacomo Pedini, Artistic Director 

Mittelfest unveils the theme of the 2022 edition

The Festival is already looking to GO2025 and is strengthening its international vocation by actively collaborating with Slovenia and Austria

The Unexpected is the theme of the 2022 edition of Mittelfest, chosen by Artistic Director Giacomo Pedini: a word capable of evoking a rich imagination made up of chances and possibilities, but also of choices and ability to react.

With The UnexpectedPedini explains – Mittelfest will tell the story of the relationship between what makes us safe and what surprises us, it will narrate what happens around the unexpected, the unknown that we discover every day. 

Unexpected events happen all the time, but one in particular has been the protagonist of our lives in the last two years: the pandemic has undermined a series of certainties, or presumed certainties, and has changed habits and social rules on a global level, revealing many of our frailties. Mittelfest is therefore dedicated to the unexpected, starting with its consequences and the reaction it triggers in each and every one of us: because it is the reaction that implies the measure of choices and responsibilities. Of the individual, as well as of the community.”

Today Pedini presented the 2022 theme together with the Mittelfest President, Roberto Corciulo, and the Regional Councillor for Culture, Tiziana Gibelli: with them, at the speakers’ table, the Mayor of Cividale del Friuli, Daniela Bernardi, Gorizia Councillor for Culture, Fabrizio Oreti, the Director of the Carinthischer Sommer Festival, Holger Bleck, and the President of FVG Orchestra, Paolo Petiziol.

A table that represents the increasingly strategic relationship that Mittelfest is building and strengthening with the territory at various levels: institutional, artistic and economic.

“It is a territorial bond that is firmly rooted in Friuli Venezia Giulia, but is increasingly capable of crossing regional borders.Corciulo explains – We are working with a project that looks ahead to 2025, when Nova Gorica-Gorizia will be the European capital of culture, a major event that does not only concern the two cities, but that holds great regional and national development opportunities for both countries.”

As a matter of fact, Mittelyoung, the pre-festival that from 12 to 15 May 2022 will bring on stage the best of the new European artistic youth, will move from Cividale to the Teatro Verdi in Gorizia on its final day. “This is only the first step of a path that will bring us to the 2025 appointment with ad hoc projects – Corciulo emphasizes – we look at the virtuous model of cross-border cooperation between neighbouring countries that this year, precisely with Slovenia, was sealed by the presence of President Borut Pahor at the inauguration of Mittelfest.”

Not only that: the 2022 edition of Mittelfest will put Austria at the centre of its artistic programme with a special collaboration with the Carinthischer Sommer Festival, one of the main events of the Austrian music scene. On its side, the Carinthian Festival, which takes place in summer between Villach and Ossiach, has a section dedicated to young talents and, therefore, will host one of Mittelyoung music shows and, in turn, bring to Cividale del Friuli one of its new proposals, in a four-handed work between Giacomo Pedini and Holger Bleck, the Managing and Artistic Director of the Carinthischer Sommer Festival. The exchange will not only involve artists: one of the young curators of the young section of the CS Festival will join the curatorial team of Mittelyoung and vice versa.

This is a further step towards the idea of an Alpe Adria under 30 that enhances the value of new artists by allowing them to interact with audiences from different countries.

It is, instead, a renewed pact that with FVG Orchestra which has never been so active, authoritative and at the centre of regional, national and even international attention. Thanks to the five-year collaboration agreement, valid until the end of 2026, in 2022 the regional symphony orchestra and Mittelfest will once again give life to an unprecedented European co-production, opening or closing the festival, as has already happened for the opening concert of the 30th edition of Mittelfest, entitled Devil’s bridge in honour of the famous bridge in Cividale del Friuli.


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